Gyring Gyroid

Gyring Gyroid (w Eugene Sargent, 2012, in honor of Tom Rodgers) This piece of samurai space insect armor shows a particular mathematical surface, the gyroid, that naturally arises in many forms. Discovered by Alan Schoen,

A Woven Klein Quartic

Curvature is determined by local geometry, and this can be controlled. A pattern with a particular symmetry is often in an infinite family of patterns, all with the same underlying motif, but of varied curvature

Double Triamond, w/ Hexastix!

“Double Triamond, w/ Hexastix!” created in collaboration with Eugene Sargent, was assembled at the eighth Gathering for Gardner, at Tom Rodgers’ and Sarah Garvin’s beautiful Japanese style gardens and home in Atlanta in 2008. The

The Omnitruncated Dodecaplex

Assembled in one day from about 20,000 zome parts, this was a model of the omnitruncated dodecaplex, hung in Mullins Library. The model took about 200 people-hours to assemble, on November 18, 2010, coming down

1 of N

This was the second of Eugene Sargent‘s and my collaboration creating participation math art sculptures for the Gathering for Gardner. Here are notes. The fundamental question is, what is N? How many paths were available


Welcome to hyperbolic geometry, with this beautiful steel rendition of the 5444 tiling: at each corner three squares and one pentagon meet, forcing the surface to bend and coil up with negative curvature. The straight


Foam fragments of the hyperbolic plane, formed from straight flat strips of foam. Differently spaced teeth on the sides of the strips force them to curve at a steady rate: any surface with equally spaced