The Math Factor

In the fall of 2003 (as a strategic move to have the department seem more community minded) I began putting a weekly puzzle problem on the University of Arkansas campus wide listserv. This caught the

Double Triamond, w/ Hexastix!

“Double Triamond, w/ Hexastix!” created in collaboration with Eugene Sargent, was assembled at the eighth Gathering for Gardner, at Tom Rodgers’ and Sarah Garvin’s beautiful Japanese style gardens and home in Atlanta in 2008. The

Self-assembly of Robinson tiles

Through a local self-assembly rule these tiles are forced to form arbitrarily large patches of Robinson tilings, with some extra markings that are used to manage the process. In the animation, at each green dot,

C&! t-shirt designs

C&! is a wonderful math camp for young mathematicians and their families. Here are some t-shirt designs I’ve designed for them. This year’s remains a secret for a few more weeks!

Pages from Topocomix

Doodlebug joins us on a tour of topological surfaces, with drawings and paper and scissor exercises. Another project to complete! Videos of the physical exercises will appear sometime — they do not seem to be

Animal drawings for kids

Working with kids gives me an outlet for drawing cute animal pictures, incorporating them into teaching materials. These are from classroom activities on logic, graph theory and topology, ages 6-12.

“Lots” of Aperiodic Sets of Tiles

Lots of Aperiodic Sets of Tiles gives intructions for producing more than 25,380 different aperiodic sets of tiles, taken in lots, from a base set of 211 tiles. These tiles allow different hierarchical structures, that