The Math Factor

In the fall of 2003 (as a strategic move to have the department seem more community minded) I began putting a weekly puzzle problem on the University of Arkansas campus wide listserv. This caught the

The Omnitruncated Dodecaplex

Assembled in one day from about 20,000 zome parts, this was a model of the omnitruncated dodecaplex, hung in Mullins Library. The model took about 200 people-hours to assemble, on November 18, 2010, coming down

Pages from Topocomix

Doodlebug joins us on a tour of topological surfaces, with drawings and paper and scissor exercises. Another project to complete! Videos of the physical exercises will appear sometime — they do not seem to be

Some polyhedra to print out and make

These are designed to be printed out or photocopied onto cardstock, cheaply and easily for a classroom activity or multipart curriculum. I’ve put my full polyhedron archive on Dropbox. Here are a few samples of

Some mathfun

Ptolemy Mathcards, among the finest of the world’s largest fictional mathematical trading card companies: The Math Factor CD. Check out the Mathfactor website! Infinity Number One, complete with stickers to stick and polyhedra to make!