A Woven Klein Quartic

Curvature is determined by local geometry, and this can be controlled. A pattern with a particular symmetry is often in an infinite family of patterns, all with the same underlying motif, but of varied curvature

Symmetry here and there

All of these photos were taken in 2022, for the upcoming The Magic Theorem of the Symmetries of Things, a second edition of the first part of the book, with expanded exercises and examples, in

A few groovy images

All of these groovy pix use maps from the plane to itself, taking a periodic pattern into the plane in a distorted way. Don’t stare into the middle for too long…

C&! t-shirt designs

C&! is a wonderful math camp for young mathematicians and their families. Here are some t-shirt designs I’ve designed for them. This year’s remains a secret for a few more weeks!

Dodecafoam posters

Dodecafoam is a fractal quasicrystalline space-filling froth of dodecahedra which I’ve played with since 1988 in one form or another, and undoubtedly will post more about (check out the dodecafoam tag, or the dodecafoam kits

Pages from Topocomix

Doodlebug joins us on a tour of topological surfaces, with drawings and paper and scissor exercises. Another project to complete! Videos of the physical exercises will appear sometime — they do not seem to be

“Lots” of Aperiodic Sets of Tiles

Lots of Aperiodic Sets of Tiles gives intructions for producing more than 25,380 different aperiodic sets of tiles, taken in lots, from a base set of 211 tiles. These tiles allow different hierarchical structures, that