You’ll have to cross your eyes or use a stereoscope to see these stereoscopic images, photographed with a stereopi . Tubing and 3D printed connecters are a great way to make models with lots of


The trilobite and cross tiles clearly generalize to higher dimensions. Though a simpler method soon appeared”Threelobites” were a first early graphic / mathematical exploration. Here’s a nice pic of a tiling by the trilobite and

Self-assembly of Robinson tiles

Through a local self-assembly rule these tiles are forced to form arbitrarily large patches of Robinson tilings, with some extra markings that are used to manage the process. In the animation, at each green dot,

Orbifold Geometrization

I was curious about the actual algorithm for geometrizing an orbifold — it’s only lightly sketched at in Thurston’s Three Dimensional Topology and Geometry. Hence the app. The details are now inside some javascript: Check

C&! t-shirt designs

C&! is a wonderful math camp for young mathematicians and their families. Here are some t-shirt designs I’ve designed for them. This year’s remains a secret for a few more weeks!

Dodecafoam posters

Dodecafoam is a fractal quasicrystalline space-filling froth of dodecahedra which I’ve played with since 1988 in one form or another, and undoubtedly will post more about (check out the dodecafoam tag, or the dodecafoam kits

Various crystallographic space groups

Only a few of these illustrations made it into The Symmetries of Things, but there aren’t such constraints here, and so I present a whole lot of pictures of the non-isotopic, or “composite’ crystallographic symmetries.

The Omnitruncated Dodecaplex

Assembled in one day from about 20,000 zome parts, this was a model of the omnitruncated dodecaplex, hung in Mullins Library. The model took about 200 people-hours to assemble, on November 18, 2010, coming down

Pages from Topocomix

Doodlebug joins us on a tour of topological surfaces, with drawings and paper and scissor exercises. Another project to complete! Videos of the physical exercises will appear sometime — they do not seem to be